Thursday, July 16, 2009

today was grand, yet i'm preoccupied worrying with other things...

1) mom has an abscess tooth. :'( so she'll be going in for [i'm sure] a painful surgery pretty soon. =/
2) suzette's mother in law was possibly murdered last night. ='( i cant stop crying over it. she was found at the bottom of their 8ft pool this morning @ 5am =/ and what's weird is that she was barefoot. she NEVER goes outside barefoot, let alone around the pool. ='(
3) im not entirely sure about what tomorrow morning will entale. for more information, please inquire. but i'm going to breakfast with someone. lol
4) i'm pretty worried about someone else. =/
5) i might be going to the doctor either tomorrow or the Urgent Care place on saturday when i'm off. *sigh* long story. but my eyes arent getting any better, and the whole "ear piercing" thing utterly failed. so i need to get both of those things resolved before further epic failure occurs. =/

anyways...i'll get my schedule for next week & post it up here or something. hopefully i'll be able to make it to a training in chesapeake as well as the norfolk ones. but if i cant make chesapeake due to my schedule...then i can always call out...*cough*cough* haha.

more later, must continue pondering now....and making mac n cheez. =P~

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